We are Oretanos

The wine that tells the story of a people

Discover why we offer you something different from the rest

I want to discover the wines

We are winegrowers

We do not sell state-of-the-art facilities, nor do we brag about our infrastructure. We only make wine.

Our base is the vineyard, the soil, the environment and our expert hand as winegrowers, where we seek that each variety develops and expresses its full oenological potential.

We believe that each wine has a reason, an experience to share and a story to tell

The “oppida” oretano of the Cerro de las Cabezas is the link with our roots and with the roots of our vineyards

And some romantics!

We think that the wine must be natural and begins in the same vine, taking care of the grape from its birth until its optimal moment of maturity and with minimal intervention, allowing nature to express itself in its purest form.

We assume that our wine, apart from its geological and environmental singularities, is part of our culture. A culture with more than 2,500 years old that we want to tell you and remember you in every bottle. A hallmark.

Almost everyone say that their wines are different, right?
We also.
But we also explain why …

¿Por qué son diferentes?

Volcanic land

On a volcanic and stony soil there is a natural symbiosis of nutrients and minerals that determine that our wines have unique and special nuances.

Altitude of 804 mts

In the middle of the La Mancha plateau, whose altitude is 610 meters. emerges, like a giant, a set of elevations and promontories that determine with their thermal amplitude the development and maturation of the grape.

Mediterranean low forest

Vineyard wrapped around its perimeter by the lower Mediterranean forest, dotted with chaparros where rockrose, thyme, rosemary and lavender slowly contribute their aromas, day after day … grape by grape.

And if that’s not enough for you …


Our vineyard is located near the Cerro de las Cabezas Archaeological Park, where the remains of the Oretan city of the ancient Iberian tribe that occupied the La Mancha plateau between the 4th and 3rd centuries BC are found.


We love our land and we want to discover our Iberian origins. For this reason, we use our wines as a vehicle to disseminate our most ancient history, with the central focus being the dissemination of the Cerro de las Cabezas Archaeological Park.

We are Oretanos

We identify with our origins and we are proud of it. For this reason, each of our wines bears the name of a character from our culture

For these reasons we are…


The wine that tells the story of a people

And if you want to know more, we explain our business philosophy …


We believe that it is possible to make wines that are capable of surprising you and that awaken in you a new reference that, in addition, tell you a story and, all this, without having to pay more than you should.


We are viticulturists, honest and professionals who dare to do something different because we have all the ingredients to awaken in you an emotion and complicity that you will remember forever.


We create our wines from the origin, since the most important thing for us is the vineyard, the soil, the environment and the expert hand of the winegrower, where we seek that each variety develops and expresses its maximum oenological potential.


Create signature wines with their own personality so that you identify with them and accompany you in those important moments of your life.


And find out what they say about us


La propuesta es más que interesante, en más de un sentido. Primero por un contenido que da valor a un producto, el vino, al que por estas latitudes cuesta mucho valorizar; y segundo por un continente que es todo un acierto en términos de marketing y una apuesta por nuestra paleocultura más próxima, digno por reconocer. Felicidades y éxito.

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No sé si me gustan más los vinos o cómo cuentan las historias, su historia, los dos hermanos que están haciendo puro arte en un suelo volcánico con muchos conceptos sorprendentes, conocimiento de la viña y gran tino enológico. Me gustan, y tengo muchas ganas de poder ir a visitar la bodega en persona!

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Es sorprendente la ubicación de este templo de la viticultura. Hay magia en este entorno fuera del marketing reinante en este sector. La autenticidad del entorno Marida con estos dos hombres de cuerpo gemelo y almas complementarias. El viñador y el contador de historias. Una mezcla explosiva. Una experiencia inédita.

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Soy amante de una buena copa de vino en el momento oportuno, y puedo garantizar que hay mas sabiduría en una botella de uno de estos vinos que en muchos libros. Simplemente genial, sorprendido por el sabor y la historia. Lo recomiendo.

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If we have already convinced you…

Our wine is unique and complex.
Full of nuances but, at the same time, simple;
able to satisfy the most demanding palates

And we also love to tell stories.

For this reason we do …


The wine that tells the story of a people

Gregorio López de Lerma

José Luis del Olmo

José López de Lerma

And together we are…