Juan Fernández-Cuesta values Himilce

Juan Fernández-Cuesta values the award at the 2018 Supremo Wine International Contest

Diario ABC  09-11-2018

Himilce was a princess of Oretania, married to General Hannibal and died in 214 BC. Two thousand years later it is a white wine that is made within the municipality of Valdepeñas.

The Oretania region once comprised an area that encompasses part of what is now the province of Ciudad Real, together with territories of the current provinces of Jaén and Albacete.

The owners of Finca La Encomienda have chosen to give that name to a white wine made from the Viognier grape, which is characterized by its finesse and certain elegance. La Encomienda, in a setting called the Cerro Largo area, has an area of more than 15 hectares and its vineyards are surrounded by Mediterranean, woody, thorny and aromatic undergrowth, with species such as holm oak, holm oak, rockrose, rosemary and thyme.


Himilce supposed, at the time, the union of Oretania with Cartago and, this time, it forms a new link between Valdepeñas and quality wines, whether or not they are part of the Valdepeñas Denomination of Origin. A young white with many hints of tropical fruits, good volume in the mouth, soft at the same time and with enough finesse.

A highly recommended white wine.


Rating: 92
Price: € 9.00
Vintage: 2017
Variety: viognier
Origin: Wine from the Land of Castilla La Mancha
Winery: Finca La Encomienda
Address: Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real)
Telephone: 660 421 553
Web: www.vinoslaencomienda.es