The origin of wine that tells the story of a people

Discover why wine is different


Why do our wines taste different?

The difference is in the origin, in the vineyard. The place where the grape acquires the aromas that the wine will later show.

There are no more secrets than those that Nature gives us.

Our premise is the legacy of values transmitted and taught by our parents and grandparents of connection with the environment, being and feeling part of it and not its owners.

For the ground and the environment

Volcanic land

On a volcanic and stony soil there is a natural symbiosis of nutrients and minerals that determine that our wines have unique and special nuances.

Altitude of 804 mts

In the middle of the La Mancha plateau, whose altitude is 610 meters. emerges, like a giant, a set of elevations and promontories that determine with their thermal amplitude the development and maturation of the grape.

Mediterranean low forest

Vineyard wrapped around its perimeter by the lower Mediterranean forest, dotted with chaparros where rockrose, thyme, rosemary and lavender slowly contribute their aromas, day after day … grape by grape.

Because of its location

Geographical coordinates

Because of the weather

Because of the grape variety


Inland, strongly continentalized with the thermal rigor of its temperatures (from -5ºC in winter to 42ºC in summer) and not very abundant annual rainfall.

White grape varieties

  • Airén
  • Macabeo
  • Verdejo
  • Moscatel
  • Viognier

Red grape varieties

  • Cencibel
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Cabernet Franc
  • Syrah
  • Merlot
  • Graciano
  • Garnacha fina
  • Garnacha tintorera

Average rainfall

Average temperature

Annual hours of sunshine

“Le Terroir”

(The terroir)



The essence of the vineyard

The terroir defines a geographical area with homogeneous characteristics that stands out from the rest for certain properties in its wine production, a consequence of specific geographical, orographic, geological, environmental or climatic factors.

For this reason our wines are different …

The Land

Volcanic soil

Basalt and quartzite emerge from the bowels of the Earth, creating a stony soil, in which a natural symbiosis of nutrients and minerals occurs that determines that our wines have unique and special nuances.

The environment

Natural fragrance

The vineyard is sheltered, sheltered from the prevailing winds, by a very aromatic lowland Mediterranean forest, composed of herbaceous and shrub species such as rockrose, chaparro, rosemary, thyme, lavender that slowly contribute part of the aromas that will define our wines.

Right now you understand why we say that our wine is different?

Come into our store and order it!

Just talking about sustainability is not enough

What is sustainability?

We understand sustainability as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the capacity of future generations, guaranteeing the balance between economic growth, caring for the environment and social well-being.

And all those commitments, we not only say them, but we assume and fulfill them.

Social responsability

We know and know the role that farmers have in society, where we are responsible for providing the market continuously and in sufficient quantity, food and goods, therefore, we ensure that all our production processes generate the least possible environmental impact. For this reason, our practices are respectful since we do not use herbicides, pesticides or industrial fertilizers

Business philosophy

We develop a viticulture with minimal intervention and totally respectful of the environment, where we are very aware of the impact that human beings have on nature and the environment through the activities they carry out.

Renewable energy

We use electrical energy from renewable sources or low CO2 emissions and photovoltaic energy in panels installed for this purpose.


We are aware that woody crops, such as vines, have the capacity to capture 1.5 Tn / Ha of CO2 in net annual balance. But we are not satisfied with that and the remains of vegetable matter from the pruning, we crush them and incorporate them into the ground through the work to form a compost of natural organic matter, which is transforming the soil of our vineyards to make them more alive, biological and biodynamic .

You already know how we are and we hope you think like us.

If you are convinced, enter our store now and …

let our wine tell you its story, which could also be yours …