Orissón and Oretano are reborn as the best new wines of 2016

Orissón and Oretano are reborn as the best new wines of 2016

Diario ABC, 16-10-2016

When in the 3rd century BC the Iberian warrior and ruler, Orissón, populated the La Mancha plain, little could it be imagined that twenty-three centuries later it would become a wine. And not just any one, but one of the best new wines awarded at the “International New Wine Awards- 2016”. But this is not the only character from that time who has been reborn in a bottle, since Oretano, another red wine from the young wine-growing project of “La Encomienda”, from Valdepeñas, won a silver medal in this same contest.

A young company

La Encomienda is a wine company that was born in Valdepeñas in 2015, although the dream of creating it, of its owners, Gregorio and José López de Lerma and José Luis del Olmo, began in 2011, when these wine lovers acquired a plot in an enclave magical and unique, right next to the Cerro de las Cabezas. Orissón and Oretano could possibly have passed through there, since the archaeological site has brought to light the most important pure Iberian settlement.

Family of winegrowers

This family of winegrowers opted for this place and, thanks to the Valdepeñas winemaking tradition, they cultivate 140 hectares of trellised vineyards in which they produce 14 different grape varieties, whose main destination is the wineries in the area. But, soon its owners were aware of the multiple possibilities that their project could have. “We want this idea to become not only the project of a family, but also the purpose of a town,” the viticulturist from La Encomienda, Gregorio López de Lerma, explains to ABC.

In this way, in the first place, they decided to start making unique and singular Author Wines that make this region prestigious. And on the other hand, and the most important thing, is the connection of the Orissón brand – awarded with a Great Gold in the “International Wine Awards – 2016” – to Cerro de las Cabezas. For this, 4,000 bottles of this wine will be made, the benefit of which will be donated for the development, conservation and maintenance of this archaeological site.

“With this measure we intend, on the one hand, to reveal the secrets that this wonderful enclave hides that allows us to know more about our history as a people and as a country; and on the other hand, to generate a source of wealth for the area due to the possibilities that offers cultural tourism “, says López de Lerma.

Where is it grown?

The wine is grown in a unique plot in that magical and telluric enclave, such as the Cerro de las Cabezas, very different from the typical morphology of the La Mancha plain. It is located on a hillside with a slope of 17% surrounded by 400 hectares of primeval Mediterranean forest on granitic soil of volcanic origin, which gives it a character and uniqueness that make it an exclusive product.

The production of both wines corresponds to the 2014 vintage and was made externally, since La Encomienda does not have its own facilities suitable for this purpose. The vineyard’s production barely reaches 1.5 Kg / vine and the wine was made with the four varieties grown on the plot: Tempranillo, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Franc. It is aged for 10 months in new French oak barrels.

Orissón 2014

Regarding the tasting note, the 2014 Orissón wine -Tempranillo (40%), Merlot (10%), Syrah (15%), Cabernet Franc (15%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (20%) – stands out for its enveloping cherry red color covered with bluish trim; for its aromas of candied fruit, cherry liqueur, green pepper and Mediterranean bush. Intense on the palate, pleasant with ripe, polished tannins. It is a harmonious wine.

Oretano 2014

And in relation to the Oretano 2014 -Tempranillo (40%), Merlot (30%), Syrah (15%) and Cabernet Franc (15%) – it is a wine with an attractive intense cherry red color with a purple rim, aromas of frosted red fruit , cherry liqueur, spicy notes, a Mediterranean bush and with a mineral background and a pleasant passage through the mouth, although intense and of degree and long memory, which invites you to continue enjoying in the glass.