Orisson Presentation – Author’s Wine

Orisson Presentation – Author’s Wine

On April 22, 2016, at the Archaeological Center of Cerro de las Cabezas, in Valdepeñas, he had the presentation of the Author’s Wine Orisson.

Orisson. Author’s wine


Orissón, the great Iberian hero, is reborn in Valdepeñas turned into wine by the hand of La Encomienda CB, to finance the Cerro de las Cabezas deposit.

On Friday afternoon and within the framework of the Cerro de las Cabezas Archaeological Center, the new wine from La Encomienda, CB, Orissón, author’s wine, was presented in Valdepeñas, the sales of which are intended to help the project that is being carried out at the site to “discover the secrets that are still hidden in this place.”

For those attending the event to understand the project, those responsible for La Encomienda, CB, José Luis del Olmo and the brothers José and Gregorio López de Lerma, prepared a guided route through the Interpretation Center by the archaeologist, Gema Candelas, who made a journey through the history of this land and its Iberians: their houses, their customs, the monumental architecture, the land and the fruits it gave, the rite of death. A fascinating journey through history, together with the birth of a wine that arises from the same soil where the Iberians lived.

In the event, in addition to a large group of guests, were: the Mayor of Valdepeñas, Jesús Martín; the Councilor for Culture, Manuel López; Héctor Huertas, author of the book “Orissón de Oreto, the Iberian hero”; in addition to Antonio Jaime, the young model, “King of Beauty in 2014”, who has served as the image of the Iberian regime Orissón.

Intervention by Jesús Martín, Mayor of Valdepeñas

Jesús Martín valued the work of the owners of La Encomienda, whose vineyards are neighbors of Cerro de las Cabezas, pure Iberian and pointed out that “something of all this must have the land that feeds a plant matter that is the vine, of the one that is born a fruit like the grape, that hides the soul of centuries in a bottle that I recommend to drink “.

For Martín, this event is the essence of “our past, the essence of our land and of a product that has given us a way of being that is what we share today.”

Gregorio López de Lerma recalled how this wine is inspired by the name of the Iberian warrior, although it also has much in common with the Iberian city since “part of the profit generated by the commercialization of the wine will revert to the development, excavation, training and maintenance of the own deposit. It will be an annual limited edition of 4,000 bottles and each vintage will be different, so it will become an exclusive collector’s product. “

On December 2015, La Encomienda CB, presented its first wine, Oretano, a blend of Merlot, Tempranillo, Syrah and Cabernet Franc, from which 15,000 bottles were taken, with a luxury label that symbolizes the history of the area, a tribute to the Iberians (Oretanos).

On Friday it was the turn of Orissón, a special wine that completes a tribute to those who were our ancestors, the Iberians.

Description of Orissón

A special wine with special strains.

Under the Orissón brand there is a wine whose elaboration has been extremely careful. It is a very limited edition, considered Author’s Wine. It is the result of a dedicated selection of the raw material and great doses of care, affection and enthusiasm in the elaboration. The soul of this wine emerges in a magical and exceptional enclave, atypical to the characteristic morphology of the La Mancha plain, since it is a hillside with a 17% slope on a soil of volcanic origin, set with granite boulders and surrounded by 400 hectares of primeval Mediterranean understory.

The wine

It is a wine that contains the varieties of Tempranillo, Syrah, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, which stands out for its enveloping cherry red color, covered with a bluish rim; for its aromas of candied fruit, cherry liqueur, green pepper and Mediterranean bush. Intense, pleasant palate and well-ripened polished tannins.

There will be no other vintage the same, as it has four different grape varieties, year after year each production will be different, thus making it considered an exclusive wine, a collector’s item, which will give the product a high added value derived from its exclusivity. .


The treasure

Who was Orissón? It is known that he was the warrior and Iberian regime who defeated the great Hamilcar Barca. We know that he lived in Oretan lands before the arrival of the Romans, in the 3rd century BC. But we really know little about him, his people and his people; that is, of the first manchegos that populated our land. For this reason, the Cerro de las Cabezas Site is a door, an access to understand and know what life was like, the customs and traditions of those who first lived in this our La Mancha plain.

Orissón was a proud warrior who stood up to the Carthaginians and the Romans. From La Encomienda CB, we consider that: “if we open the veil that covers the Cerro de las Cabezas, we will know more about ourselves and discover the pride that comes with being a native of this land. This wine bears his name and wants to contribute to the discovery of this treasure “.

Antonio Jaime, “King of Beauty 2014” and from Oretan by birth


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