The “Iberian” wines of La Encomienda in Variotinto

The “Iberian” wines of La Encomienda in Variotinto (CMM)


The close relationship of the La Encomienda winery with the Iberians means that they even give part of their profits to the maintenance of the Cerro de las Cabezas deposit, since its owners, the brothers José and Gregorio Lopez de Lerma and José Luis del Olmo, He claims to be in debt to the Iberians.

Hence, they name their wines with the names of those first peninsular settlers.

Actualidad Valdepeñas 22-02-2019

Bodega La Encomienda de Valdepeñas, in its tireless work of dissemination and dissemination of the Iberian Oretan culture, carried out a tasting with the Castilla-La Mancha TV program “Variotinto” and its presenter Carlos Iserte at the archaeological site of Cerro de las Cabezas. Prior to the tasting they made a visit to the Interpretation Center of the site.

A very special tasting because it took place among the archaeological remains. A commitment to our cultural, historical and heritage richness that has been kept alive since they began their journey.