On the occasion of the presentation of the ORISSON brand, by La Encomienda wines, on April 23, 2016 at the Cerro de las Cabezas Interpretation Center; We wanted to create media and visual content, for this we contacted  Antonio Jaime Pérez, born and newly crowned oretan ”Rey de la belleza 2014”. We proposed to characterize him as the Oretan prince Orissón for the presentation of the wine that bears his name.

Antonio Jaime, showing off his noble and genuine spirit, agreed to this proposal in an altruistic and disinterested way.

Providence willed that at that time there would be an itinerant exhibition of Ibero art from the Tarragona museum in the Ciudad Real museum, once the appropriate permits had been requested, we were given the full panoply of the warrior, to carry out the planned photographic session.

In this way we were able to incarnate the Oretan prince Orissón in the person of Antonio Jaime, mythologizing and immortalizing the warrior in the wine that tells his story.

And none of this would make sense if it weren’t for wanting to claim such a unique and special project for all of us who love our land.

We join our voice to the one that the writer and historian Héctor Huertas has already given life to, and we put the “body” on it.

Hence, from Vinos La Encomienda we shout that we are “The wine that tells the Story of a People”